M130 General Purpose Dispenser

The M130 general purpose dispenser system provides effective survival countermeasures against radar guided weapon systems and/or infrared seeking missile threats. The M130 can disperse either 30 decoy flares or 30 chaff cartridges. An additional dispenser assembly and payload module on specific aircraft will increase the capability of the dispenser system. The system can be operated manually or automatically. The chaff, combined with maneuvers, provides protection against radar directed anti-aircraft weapon systems. When dispensing chaff, the M-130 allows the aircraft time to maneuver out of the beam of radar used with anti-aircraft weapons. The flare decoy, when properly dispensed, provides protection against infrared (IR) homing missiles. When dispensing flare decoys, the M-130 provides for the reduction or elimination of the enemy's ability to hit and destroy the aircraft by the use of IR homing missiles. The M-130 General Purpose Dispenser is electrically powered and constructed of modules to facilitate quick replacement. This system has been transitioned to Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity (ACALA).

The M-130 Dispenser consists of a dispenser assembly, payload module assembly, electronics module and dispenser control panel.

  • The control panel assembly is mounted inside the aircraft. The panel controls firing of the chaff or flares in either programmed or manual modes. The counters indicate the number of flares or chaff cartridges remaining in the payload module assembly. The counters are manually set prior to each mission to agree with the number of flares or chaff cartridges loaded.
  • The electronics module assembly is attached either internally or to the external surface of the aircraft. The module contains a programmer and a cable assembly which includes a 28 volt supply receptacle and a safety pin with flag assembly. On some aircraft, the 28 volt supply receptacles and the safety switch have been relocated in the aircraft cable and are therefore remote from the electronics module assembly.
  • The dispenser assembly attaches to the electronics module assembly or to the external surface of the aircraft. The dispenser assembly contains the breech, flare sensor, selector switch (C and F) for chaff or flare, reset switch, and housing. The housing contains the sequenser assembly which furnishes electrical impulses to fire each of the impulse cartridges, in sequence.
  • The payload module assembly assaches to the dispenser assembly and consists of a payload module and retaining plate. The module has 30 chambers which will accept either chaff or flare cartridges.

Chaff cartridge
(30 each/system)
0.33 lb/unit (0.15 kg/unit)
Flare cartridge
(30 each/system)
0.43 lb/unit (0.20 kg/unit)
Impulse cartridge
(60/can and 36 cans/box)
0.141 oz/unit (0.06 kg/unit)

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