H. M. S.

On May the 24th 1941, the two titans located each other..

At 05.52 AM, Hood opened fire on Bismarck. Two minutes later, DKM Bismarck responded to Hood' s gunfire and the Battle of Denmark Strait began.

At 06.00, a gigantic explosion with a thunderous flame ripped the Hood into two and Hood dissappeared. In less than ten minutes of battle, Hood was lost.. Only 3 men survived, and more than 1400 died aboard the battlecruiser.

Hood was very powerful, fast and beatiful ship. She had 8 X 38 cm. main guns and a top speed of 31 knots, but her armor was not as thick as a battleship armor. When Bismarck's heavy 38 cm. shells hit and penetrated her citadel armor and detonated inside an ammunition store, this battlecruiser' s end came quickly.

Within 1-2 minutes, the massive 42.000 ton battlecruiser sunk due to a thunderous explosion. But, the British people never forgot their brave battlecruiser.

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