70mm Hydra rocket AV02 tests, last prototype with modified T tail

Hellfire AV02 test

Test of deice system

AV02 with final tail in Farnborough 1982 airshow


PV02 at Yuma Providing Ground, Arizona

PV06 in summer 1984, Yuma, Arizona, Initial Key Personnel Training (IKPT)

First serial Apache series started with PV14 allocated to units

(from left) AV04,AV05,AV06

Prototype YAH-64 with smal vertical stabilisation facets on horizontal stabiliser

AV04 with final tail stabiliser, also with new device suppressing IR mark

Visit in Ryan Aeronautical (most of all structure parts are made here), TADS/PNVS is made from wood, used on AH-64 prototypes