The Merkava is the innovative Israeli design of Major General Israel Tal. The primary design criteria was crew survivability. Every part of the overalldesign is expected to contribute to helping the crew survive. The engine is inthe front to provide protection to the crew. There is a special protectiveumbrella for the tank commander to enable protection from indirect fire with thehatches open. Special "spaced armor" is in use along with protectedfuel and ammo compartments.

The Merkava can also carry a small Infantry squad internally under complete armored protection.


Weight (t) 60
Length 7450 mm
Length (cannon forward) 8630 mm
Max. Width 3700 mm
Max. Height 2750 mm
range (road) 400 km
Forward speed (max) 46 kph
F. speed (average,terrain) 33 kph
Reverse speed 22 kph
Engine 560kW TCM diesel
AVDS-1790-9AR ?
Vertical obstacle climb 0,95 m
Maximum width ditch 3 m
Fording Depth 1.38 (2) m
fuel tank (l) 900
Main Gun 105mm cannon
Coaxial machinegun 7.62mm ?
Anti-personnel machinegun 2 x7.62mm ?
Commander's machinegun 12.7 mm ?
Light Mortar 60 mm ?

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